December 27, 2016

SeedHub Development Programme

A Testbed For Innovation

Seedhub is a development programme for founders to evolve amongst tech dev teams, investors and fellow startups. Our programme is designed to provide a simple, clutter free runway from imagination to a successful tech MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and help them enter the market place, be it through investment rounds or sales and user acquisition.


Our programme is administered in the Box 44 space and introduces the tools require to help tech founders build out products and teams in an environment that adds value rather than extracts it.

Hands on contributors are available to listen, observe and encourage a positive journey for each founder. Our contributors encourage founders to take risks, challenge and disrupt the norm and fail quickly. In the startup world “failing” does not mean give up, it simply means learn, correct and better your next attempt.

Contributors and their agendas:

  • BOX 44 – Those that can afford to contribute for our resources will and those that can’t can cherry pick the bits they need in exchange for a small equity stake.
  • Fellow Founders – They are on the same journey, perhaps with a different destination
  • Funding Arms – Mostly designed to deliver finance and gain from interest charges
  • Investors – Looking to scale their wealth by anchoring capital to scaleable opportunities
  • Box 44 Dev Team – Driven by a need to fix problems – funded by BOX 44.
  • Startups Who Have Raised –  They have passed go and collected £200 and want to tell you how they did it (they are still going)
  • Startups Who Have Failed – They are off again, working on a new solution and can tell you what didn’t work for them last time

What to expect?

Tech consultation, learning resources, stressors on your product, sprints, speakers, inspiration, community, food & drink, funding, investment, experience, extended network, business resources.


Who Is SeedHub for?

Anyone brave enough to commit themselves fully in the pursuit of their products successful launch. This is not a part time journey!

Fill in the form below for more details and a full application to apply for the SeedHub programme. Full NDA provided prior to full application or consultation.